Recycled Teak Wood Dining Table Made In Jepara

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We are Exporter manufacturing of  Furniture company in Jepara, Central java, Indonesia. All our Product’s made by Experience Artisan and which will produce a modern, classic and luxurious look in your home. Want a custom Product?, we can make it. We are producing suar wood, Recycled teak wood and Recycled boat furniture.


This product made from Recycled Teak Wood,  This product is suitable for inside the house which will make the house more beautiful. with the size:

250 (W) x 100 (D) x 78 (H) in cm.


System: Pre Order

Packing: With Paper Pack

Need more Information?. Contact us Please at


WhatsApp : +62 8232 605 8977


Your satisfaction is Our Priority, Happy Shopping.


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